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Campeón Mundial "USBA"
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NUEVO Campeón Mundial ISKA 2006.





The USBA would like to thank all of the members and Martial Artists who visited our booth and competed at The Arnold Martial Arts Festival March 4-6, 2005 in Columbus, OH. It was a great event overall and the USBA was approached by many promoters and event coordinators to expand the USBA circuit and exposure. We were approached by many people over the course of the weekend, Masters and spectators alike, who expressed their respect for the breakers whom they have seen at various venues, and we had the opportunity to explain what the USBA is all about. To all of the competitive breakers out there, keep up the good work; your professionalism and feats of awe are not going unnoticed!


On Saturday, Bergamo's Team Schick Quattro performed a breaking demonstration on mainstage in front of the capacity crowd. It included every aspect of breaking, from creativity to jumping to "Ki" focus to power to speed. As the dust settled and the music faded the crowd expressed their appreciation through a concert of applause and cheers.


The USBA World Championships were held on Sunday and stole the show. We were able to blast the music for the Creative Breaking routines and it turned the heads of the thousands in attendance. Crowds gathered as the top competitors from the US and abroad showed their ability to perform the seemingly impossible. One of those in attendance was none other than action star, and Martial Arts supporter, Wesley Snipes. He was drawn to the ability of the breakers and sat in with the judges through a number of the creative routines, he was even sprayed with a little coconut milk courtesy of 2004 Extreme winner Clinton Murphy. He honored the winners by presenting them with their medals and expressed his respect for the awesome display he had seen.


There were many great displays of both creativity and power. Some of the highlights were the High Jump battle between Kenneth Yates and Larry Fields, ending in a 7' 4" jump by Fields to win the division; a great display by Karen Smith who won the Female Open division over Sheila Gallagher, big congrats to these and the other females for representing the women breakers; a great Extreme routine by Fernando Camareno, including his signature bending of rebar with his throat, winning the division; and a clean 14 patio block power break by the multiple World Champion Larry Fields, beating out Clinton Murphy who broke 14 out of 15. The Top Breaker award for this event was a tie between Fernando Camareno and Larry Fields. The complete results, as well as updated standings, can be found on the Ratings page.


A special thanks to Richard Alford, Mel Hebert, Dr. Robert Braff, Dr. Kevin Hufford, Danielle Pierce, and all of the great officials and volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly.


The next USBA Sanctioned event will be the USBA New Jersey Regional Championships, March 13, 2005- Rahway, New Jersey, followed by the USBA Ohio National Championships, part of the Battle of Columbus ( ), March 19, 2005, which will be a precursor to the Martial Arts World Games V in June .

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